Hair Photos

If you are here reading this page, it is likely you or someone you care about is experiencing hair loss, and you know there is something you can do about it. Just look at all those amazing before and after photos…right?

Absolutely right!

But here’s the catch: Not all photos you see on a website or a “look book” are actually the results achieved by the medical office or surgeon who uses them. Just so you know, all of the photos at Armani Medical’s website are from surgical procedures performed by Dr. Armani.

Hair Loss: Before and After Photos

For sure, all hair replacement surgeons use photos and should. How else would you know what to expect? But if you are browsing elsewhere, or are in a specialist’s waiting room thumbing through the before and after photos, here are my tips on how to evaluate what you are actually looking at.


Most importantly you want to know who performed the surgical procedure for each photo. If an answer is not at the ready, or if someone other than the surgeon you are contacting produced the results, you really cannot evaluate that surgeon’s skill. You are left with taking their word. Move on.

The same advice goes for viewing retouched photos. Clinical before and after photos should never be retouched. How can you evaluate whether or not what you are looking at is real? Move on.

With the photo’s provenance established, look at the photos and focus in on the hairline, especially the first inch. This area is the most visible part of a hair transplant, which will allow you to determine if the surgeon used follicular unit grafts. If you cannot see the hairline, ask for another photo.

Now take a closer look at the hairlines. Uniformity of curvature around the temples or straightness over the forehead means the surgeon is painting by numbers, and not achieving results that are unique to the patient. Do the hairlines look natural and random? Skilled surgeons produce a variety of hairlines that are appropriate to each patient’s age, hair characteristics, and facial structure. Ask yourself, “Does the patient’s hairline look right?” Next you want to evaluate the coverage, density, and overall appearance of the results.

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