Link Between Baldness and Coronary Heart Disease

Here’s the bad news: There is no denying the link between male pattern baldness and coronary heart disease (CHD).

Androgenetic Alopcia (Thinning Hair) Linked to Increased Coronary Heart Disease Risk

According to studies dating back to the 1950s, thinning hair, due to androgenetic alopecia, is an indicator of increased CHD risk.

CHD is the leading cause of death of both men and women, claiming the lives of roughly 370,000 Americans every year. In simple math, one out of every four deaths of men in the United States is due to CHD, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Widely reported in the media, the stark findings come from a 2013 report, which critically examined six studies in which the health of almost 37,000 men were monitored. The researchers found that the balding pattern and its severity indicated increased risk of CHD, irrespective of age.

The more severe the hair loss, the greater the association with CHD

More specifically, the researchers found that men experiencing thinning of their hair in a vertex pattern, at the top and back of the scalp, have an increased risk. The more severe the hair loss, the greater the association with CHD.

Significantly the researchers also found, “frontal baldness was not associated with CHD.” Translated, that means if you are experiencing a receding hairline, your CHD risk is not elevated.

While male pattern baldness is related to CHD, high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and smoking are without question very important risk factors that can bring on heart disease.

CDC statistics show that about half of all Americans have at least one of these risk factors, which can be improved with proper medical care and a healthy lifestyle.

We at Armani Medical cannot stress enough the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Healthy hair depends on a balanced and healthy diet and exercise. In addition, the ability of your scalp to heal from any surgical hair restoration procedure depends on the state of your health.

If you think your hair is thinning, no matter the location or pattern, we recommend seeking medical attention to simply rule out other adverse health conditions. If you would like to learn more, please contact the Dallas office of Dr. Abraham Armani MD today at (972) 2- ARMANI.