Debunking Bogus Hair Loss Product Claims

Buyers beware: Miracle cures for male pattern balding are more likely than not a scam that will eat a hole in your pocketbook, wear at your patience, and leave you with a demoralizing experience.

There are proven hair restoration methods out there, but you need to take the time and get the facts.

The industry

Hair loss treatment is a multi-billion dollar industry, so large in fact that it has been compared to the over-the-counter cold and flu market.  It’s mostly driven by get rich quick schemes that prey on our distressed emotional vulnerabilities.

“Unfortunately, 99% of all products being marketed in the less than ethical hair loss treatment industry are completely ineffective for the majority of those who use them,” according to the American Hair Loss Association.

At Armani Medical, we won’t sell you a fake miracle cure product.  We know that thinning hair, also known as androgenetic alopecia, can cause men to feel anxiety, grief, and worst of all, a deep sense powerlessness to do anything about it.  If you are looking for proven methods to save your hairline, take control and call Dr. Armani’s Dallas office today at (972) 2- ARMANI.

Before you hand over you credit card information to receive what looks like the next biggest hair growth miracle since Rogaine, here is our advice.

Spotting a bogus product

What should really get your alarm bells ringing, alerting you to what you may have in your hand is actually “snake oil” are these descriptive words: “miraculous”, “amazing”, “sensational”, “scientific breakthrough.”  A cynical favorite is “developed by doctors,” because it’s never really clear whether that means a medical degree, or a PhD in economics.

De-bunking the “proof”

Personal stories, called testimonials in marketing lingo, even from your favorite celebrities about the effectiveness of a product, are scripted.  Not proof.  Get online and look for the product’s active ingredient.  Then search for that drug in conjunction with the National Institutes of Health and the FDA.  You are looking for clinical proof.  If the product is really that good, real medical doctors, researchers, and scientists are studying it.

Important: FDA approval

FDA approval is the government’s word on the product’s effectiveness and safety, which is only bestowed after rigorous clinical trials.  Take heed.  The FDA has approved only a handful of products for a reason.  What the FDA looks for in hair growth products, and so should you, is:

  1. Does the product actually do what it promises for a majority of persons who use it?
  2. Does it stimulate hair growth safely with minimal side effects?

That 30-day money back guarantee

No proven non-surgical or surgical method is going to give you any measurable results within 30 days.  So the hook here is that you will need to keep buying the non-proven “miracle” product for at least 90 days if not a year, because you cannot really assess its effectiveness before that.  Right?  So that’s more money out of your pocket.  So the advice again is to look for official clinical proof before purchasing anything.

If you would like to know more about proven, FDA-approved hair restoration methods, medications, and procedures, contact Dr. Armani’s Dallas office at (972) 2- ARMANI.