Surgically restoring your luscious locks to their former glory is not a paint-by-the-numbers procedure.  The number of follicles and type of procedure that you will require to reach your goals depend on a number of factors, such as the severity of thinning, the amount of available donor follicles, your age, and your general health, to name a few.

Remember that when you first visit Armani Medical and sit down with Dr. Abraham Armani, your consultation will never be rushed.  After assessing your condition and your hair loss pattern, together you and Dr. Armani will discuss surgical and non-invasive treatment options, what you can realistically gain in terms of density, a treatment plan, and expected costs.

At Armani Medical, we also offer corrective hair transplant surgery to men who wish to improve their hair poor previous results or “plugs” to a nearly flawless natural look, or to refine a hairline or revise a scar from a prior.  Nearly one-fifth of our patients come to our Dallas, Texas facility seeking corrective procedures.

If Dr. Armani recommends and you decide that hair transplant surgery is right for you, together you will discuss available modern surgical methods, including Dr. Armani’s trademarked Artistically Redesigned Transplant Surgery® known as A.R.T.S.®, and the actual number and type of hair transplant needed to reach your goals.

In a modern hair transplant session a skilled surgeon will harvest grafts of follicular units from a donor area on the scalp that is not prone to hair loss.  The transplant team then carefully and with precision inserts these follicular units into the recipient site on the scalp in such a way as to perfectly match your natural hair growth pattern.

Sessions can range from small (less than 1,000 grafts) to up to 3,500 grafts.  Sessions normally take between 3 to 5 hours, are never rushed because our focus is on excellence, not expediency.

Successful hair restoration surgery, perhaps more than any other area of medicine is not only dependent on the knowledge and skill of the surgeon, but is directly related to that surgeon’s artistic ability and commitment to excellence.  Dr. Armani has been honored with the Patient’s Choice Award for six years in a row.

If you have any questions or are thinking about a hair transplant procedure, contact Armani Medical today!