Hair Transplant Louisiana

Louisiana has one of the richest and most diverse societies in the country, thanks to its French, Spanish and American heritage.

This colorful Southern state is famous for its lively music, arts and architecture, creating a lifestyle that is distinct and well known throughout the world. Beauty and the appreciation of it are celebrated in Louisiana, which was aptly named after Louis XIV, the French king who built Versailles and reveled in all things beautiful.

It is no wonder then that looking your best is a major preoccupation in the Mardi Gras State. Along with a fit body, a clear complexion and a dazzling smile, having a full head of hair ramps up a man’s attractiveness and self-confidence.

For the last several years, more and more men in Louisiana have been making the trip to Dallas to consult with Dr. Armani regarding treatments for hair thinning and hair loss. The reasons for this are varied, but among the most mentioned are:

The short travel time

Flights between New Orleans and Dallas average a little over an hour. A car ride would be between 8 to 9 hours.

Stay at a Dallas landmark

Dr. Armani’s office is conveniently located next to the historic Warwick Melrose hotel which was built in 1924.

The Warwick is the perfect place to recuperate after a procedure. Patients normally walk to the clinic on the day of their operation and are escorted back by Dr. Armani’s solicitous staff.

Save money

If you’re making the commitment to travel from out-of-state to receive treatment, we’ll match that commitment and strike $500 off the cost of a transplant. So satisfied you come back for more? We want you to improve your self confidence – returning patients traveling from out-of-state will have a $1000 discount applied to their total bill.

After your transplant, we’ll provide complimentary follow ups, prescriptions and consultations. We value your time and effort, and will put our money where our mouths are.

On-call communication with the doctor

All Louisiana patients are given Dr. Armani’s personal cell phone number and email address for 24/7 contact. There are no layers of staff to go through. Dr. Armani himself answers every call and email personally.

Excellent service

All consultations take as long as necessary and are never rushed. Furthermore, Dr. Armani is present all throughout every procedure, making sure that the patient is relaxed and comfortable. After the operation, Dr. Armani will call each patient to find out how he is and to answer any complications or concerns.

If you live in Louisiana, are concerned about hair thinning or hair loss, and would like to get VIP care and treatment from a true specialist, start planning a trip to Dallas. Dr. Armani will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, prescribe a solution that is tailored to your needs and situation, and provide 5-star service throughout the course of your treatment and stay.