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  • Award winning Hair Transplant surgeon.
  • Recognized and featured in International media as an expert in Hair Restoration.
  • Diplomate of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.
  • Winner of Patients’ Choice Award.
  • Selected by Best Docs Network as “best of the best”.
  • One of The Best Reviewed Hair Transplant Surgeons in Texas.
  • Physician Artist with obsessive surgical perfectionism.
  • Cosmetic practice limited to Hair Restoration only.

“I believe that the ultimate goal in medicinal care is to improve the overall quality of a person’s life.

Besides the physical health of the individual, I consider the psychological fulfillment of a patient to be equally imperative in determining their life’s gratification.

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Most patients want to improve their appearance in order to live more fulfilling and confident lives. A patient’s concern about his or her hair loss is important and should not be taken lightly or dismissed. I admire my patients’ courage in pursuing physical enhancements in such personal areas of their lives and consider it my privilege to play a part in their journey of self improvement.

Hair restoration surgery, perhaps more than any other area of medicine is not only dependent on the knowledge and skill of the surgeon but, equally as essential, directly related to the physician’s artistic ability and commitment to excellence. Hair restoration design and grafting must be immaculately performed by a physician artist who is creative, detail oriented and meticulous. It was these uncompromising traits required in cosmetic surgery which originally attracted me to this field of medicine.

In my experience as a medical student researcher at UT Southwestern’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, these qualities were further demonstrated to me as being essential in successful outcomes in such procedures. I believe that my creativity as a sculptor, designer and inventor will insure the most positive outcome in each case. For example, understanding the patients’ facial features and their relation to the hairline and hair growth patterns is an absolute necessity in achieving a natural and complimentary hair restoration procedure. Being a perfectionist may not be a good quality in a spouse or a significant other, but I consider it a very desirable trait for a surgeon.

What sets my practice apart from most other physicians in this field is my complete dedication and accessibility to my patients. This begins with my thorough and lengthy personal evaluation of a patient with particular attention to each individual’s personal concerns and questions. The consultation is never rushed and takes as long as necessary to insure that all of the patient’s concerns about the procedure have been addressed. On the day of the procedure, I am personally present for the entire case for as long as it may take. I treat every patient’s procedural outcome as if it was my own (since I consider it to be my own). Post operatively, all patients will have my direct cellular telephone number so that they may be able to contact me personally regarding any important issues.

My post high school educational training started right here in Dallas at Southern Methodist University (SMU). I was fortunate enough to receive my medical school training at the prestigious UT Southwestern School of Medicine which is one of the top medical schools in the USA, particularly in the field of medical research. It was at UT Southwestern where I started my research in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department (headed by the world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich) followed by my post graduate internship training in General Surgery at UCSD Medical center in San Diego California.”

Although my cosmetic practice is limited to Hair Transplantation, I have fortunate enough to be able to volunteer with various medical organizations in order to help the less fortunate particularly children with facial deformities in Latin America.

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