Hair Transplant Oklahoma

You don’t have to live on the coasts to live the good life. No one knows that better than Oklahomans. The state may be better known for its football, tornadoes and country music, but outsiders don’t realize that Oklahoma’s economy and private sector have been growing steadily, creating wealth and opportunity for its citizens.

With a booming economy, growing affluence and a social scene that’s just getting started – visit Bricktown on a weekend to see the rich and beautiful of Oklahoma party – there is a growing emphasis on looks, not just by women who have always understood its importance, but also men.

More and more Oklahoma men are sweating it out at the gym, investing in skin care and eating healthy in a bid to raise their social and professional profiles. It’s not out of the ordinary anymore for men to exchange tips and advice on how to look good and feel better, whether it’s going Paleo for a month or finding a great doctor who can help with a receding hairline.

For years now, Oklahoma men in the know have been talking about Dr. Armani in Dallas, the foremost hair restoration expert in the city. Despite the proliferation of similar specialists in Oklahoma, Dr. Armani’s practice has a regular influx of VIP patients from Oklahoma who have heard about his expertise and decided to seek him out for a consultation.

The benefits of going out-of-state to seek a doctor’s advice should outweigh the inconveniences of travel. In Dr. Armani’s case, Oklahoma patients have cited the following reasons for consulting him on their hair loss issues:

Negligible travel time

Flying non-stop from Oklahoma to Dallas takes, on average, an hour and five minutes. Less time on a cramped plane means less stress.

Stay at a Dallas landmark

Dr. Armani’s office is conveniently located next to the historic Warwick Melrose hotel which was built in 1924.

The Warwick is the perfect place to recuperate after a procedure. Patients normally walk to the clinic on the day of their operation and are escorted back by Dr. Armani’s solicitous staff.

Save money

 If you’re making the commitment to travel from out-of-state to receive treatment, we’ll match that commitment and strike $500 off the cost of a transplant. So satisfied you come back for more? We want you to improve your self confidence – returning patients traveling from out-of-state will have a $1000 discount applied to their total bill.

After your transplant, we’ll provide complimentary follow ups, prescriptions and consultations. We value your time and effort, and will put our money where our mouths are.

Personal communication with Dr. Armani

Every Oklahoma patient of Dr. Armani receives his personal cell number and personal email address upon arrival in Dallas. That way any concerns or questions can be addressed by the doctor himself, a service touch rarely offered by other specialists.

Doctor supervision, care and attention throughout the procedure

Apart from making sure that every consultation is as comprehensive as possible, Dr. Armani is present and active throughout every patient’s procedure. After the operation, Dr. Armani will call each patient to check on his status and answer any questions or concerns he may have.

If you are in Oklahoma, require expert advice on hair thinning or hair loss, and are accustomed to only the best in life, then Dr. Armani’s services are perfect for you. Contact his clinic today to find out about his availability for a consultation.