Artistically Redesigned Transplant Surgery®

At Armani Medical, Dr. Abraham Armani uses his innovative, unique, and trademarked method of Artistically Redesigned Transplant Surgery® known as the A.R.T.S.® In this method the hairline can be re-designed while considering the patient’s unique facial features to create a final result which is superior and more appropriate than the original hairline prior to hair loss.

Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant Techniques

While a variety of hair transplant techniques exist, the two scientifically advanced methods of hair transplantation are known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which include the use of automated machines such as Neograft and Artas.

Which Hair Transplantation Procedure should you choose?

Determining which hair transplant technique is right for you will be a matter of personal choice and medical decision making based on many factors such as previous procedures, potential need for possible future transplants procedure length and cost, as well has a. At the time of your consultation Dr. Armani will discuss all the Pros and Cons of each procedure type with you to help make the best decision for the best ultimate result. Unlike most other clinics who only offer one type of hair transplantation technique for all patients we carefully consider all available options and help choose the right Hair Restoration technique for each individual patient.

Other Options

Other forms of breakthrough interventions including use of PRP (platelet Rich Plasma) in conjunction with hair transplantation procedures are also available within our clinic in order to insure the highest degree of hair restoration success. Dr. Armani’s facility was the first to use PRP for hair restoration and hair transplantation in Dallas, Texas.


Watch the following 3D video in order to further understand the details of the procedure: