Hair transplant procedures produce results that last a lifetime.  Therefore it is essential to take time to research not only the technology but also experienced expert hair restoration surgeons about the various surgical techniques available.  Neograft technology, while it is a lauded follicular unit harvesting and implantation system, is only as good as the skill of the professional who uses it.

For men of all ages, making the decision to undergo hair transplant surgery is a highly positive life-changing experience.  As many as a quarter of all men 21 years of age and younger experience male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia.  That number increases to two-thirds by age 35 and 85 percent by age 50.

While styling for some can camouflage the physical effects of male pattern baldness, what is also often hidden from view is the psychological distress that many men begin to feel.  For some men hair loss causes anxiety and depression.  To get back on to a track leading to a healthier and happier future, many men courageously decide that a hair transplant procedure is the best option.

Dr. Abraham Armani is a surgeon and a nationally recognized and award-winning expert in the field of hair restoration.  For six years running he has been awarded the “The Patients’ Choice Award.”  He is also conveniently located in Dallas, Texas.  Meet with him to see if hair transplant surgery or another method of hair restoration is right for you by calling his office at (972) 2- ARMANI.

The NeoGraft ® Automated FUE

The NeoGraft ® is the first FDA-approved automated surgical follicular unit extraction (FUE) and injection system machine.  The machine, through hand-held pneumatic controls, enables a skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon to more precisely extract individual healthy long-lasting hair follicles and transplant them into a predetermined site.  Automated FUE is a comparatively more successful, yet more expensive, technique that can yield considerable benefits:


Because each hair follicle graft is smoothly extracted with controlled pneumatic pressure, damage to follicles is decreased compared to manual methods.Shorter recovery period, compared to most other methods.  Minimal care is necessary immediately following the procedure.
No linear scarring like strip harvesting, which entails taking a piece of scalp containing healthy hair.  No stitches, minimal if any scarring in follicle donor or recipient sites.Can return to work within days and may participate in strenuous physical activity 10 days after the procedure.
Awake during this virtually painless procedure.  Between harvesting the follicles and transplanting them, a break is possible.New natural and permanent hair growth occurs three to four months after the procedure.


Basic Steps in NeoGraft® Automated FUE


If you decide with your hair transplant surgeon that the NeoGraft® Automated FUE procedure is right for you, with your detailed aesthetic goals, your surgeon will design a procedural plan of where to harvest and then transplant your hair to attain your desired results.

The Procedure

Procedures usually start in the morning and end in the afternoon, lasting between three to eight hours, and are split into two phases: harvesting and then placement.  To ensure your comfort during the procedure a local anesthetic will be applied to your scalp.

During the harvesting phase you will be placed face down to allow your surgeon easier access to your scalp’s donor area, usually located in the lower back of the head.  Before the placement phase, you will have an opportunity for a break that can include trips to the bathroom as well as a small meal.  You will be seated during the placement phase, again to allow your surgeon ease of access to the recipient site.

Once the procedure is complete, your surgeon will have your scalp thoroughly rinsed and may have a light dressing applied.  Your surgeon may give you specific instructions, and possibly medication and/or a cool laser device to assist in caring for your scalp, and improve the healing and hair regrowth processes.  Additional medication to assist in managing pain may also be advised or prescribed.  A follow-up schedule will be finalized.


You may notice some drainage in the first day or two, but you can expect to return to work within a few days.  At the same time you will notice that at the points of the FUE harvest and placement may have some very small scabbing, which should disappear in a few more days.

You should avoid directly touching the FUE points with you hands or objects such as a comb.  Also avoid strenuous activities such as cardio exercises, weightlifting, or other activities that would put you under strain for at least 10 days, but seek clarification from your surgeon.

After three or four months you should start to notice new hair growth.  The time it will take to reach the fullness you desire will depend a lot on how fast you hair normally grows and the length you desire it to be. It is permanent, and therefore you will be able to style it in the way you choose.

Limitations You Should Consider

NeoGraft® is a mechanical tool.  Achieving the results you desire using the NeoGraft® Automated FUE procedure is almost entirely up to the skill and, yes, artistry of your surgeon.

The NeoGraft® Automated FUE procedure requires a surgeon to physically handle the pneumatic tools during the harvesting and placement phases, which increases the chances that some follicles may become damaged due to human error.  Because the follicles are inserted into the donor site using pneumatic air pressure, it is challenging to ensure the follicles are positioned in the manner desired.

Further damage to the follicles may occur because the protective coating surrounding follicles may be stripped during the harvesting, exposing them to the danger of being over-dried.  Further over-drying may occur because air suction and propellant are the means by which the hair is harvested and then placed.

Dr. Abraham Armani understands that hair transplant surgery, no matter the method is a personal decision made with your surgeon, weighed against each individual’s unique needs and goals.  To receive a one-on-one consultation to explore what method of hair restoration is right for you, call his office at (972) 2- ARMANI.