If you are a man experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, but have not arrived at the point in your journey where you believe hair transplant surgery is right for you, there are other hair restoration therapies, treatments, and alternatives to consider.

At the outset, these alternative options can be cost effective, and are non-invasive, but all require varying degrees of maintenance, the costs of which can add up over time.

For many men the onset of male pattern baldness is a serious life event that can bring about feelings of anxiety, even depression. Therefore it is highly recommended that you consult a hair replacement specialist before embarking on any course of action to ensure that you attain the best possible results that meet your unique needs and goals.

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Non-Medicated Non-Invasive Option

Cool Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Therapy (LHT), also widely known as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), is an FDA-approved, scientifically proven hair growth treatment.  While the exact mechanism of action is not fully understood, studies have shown that low level laser light in the visible red-spectrum absorbed by the scalp produces energy in the sub-cellular level, stimulating cell metabolism.  This process, called photo-biotherapy can reverse miniaturization, repair damaged follicles, and promote hair follicle re-growth, which supports your ability to regrow hair.

The name “cool laser” comes from the fact that these hair growth treatments utilize such low levels of energy, that they will not cut or burn the scalp. There are a variety of reputable cool laser treatment products for hair growth in men, that can come in the form of laser combs, laser caps, and laser bands, some of which are used at home, and a few can even be used inconspicuously under a hat outside while performing many regular activities.

Cool lasers have been around for almost three decades, and are also often used before and after hair transplant surgery to stimulate healing.  They can also be used in conjunction with medications such as minoxidil and finasteride.

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Cosmetic Options – Hair Replacement Systems

Transdermal Hair Restoration™ (THR™)

This is not a therapy, but for some men who, because of their particular type of male pattern baldness, are not good candidates for hair transplant surgery, this is an interesting low-maintenance alternative to either living with a hairless pate or purchasing a toupee.  Transdermal Hair Restoration™, sometimes called Derma Graft, or Skin Graft, uses real human hair and a permeable polyurethane membrane, that is attached to the scalp with a medical adhesive.

THR™’s ultra thin membrane is precisely created to match the measurements of your thinning or balding area, and will hold human hair that matches your hair’s color, wave, texture and density, and that is also designed to match your scalp’s hair growth pattern. Prior to the application of this membrane your scalp will be cleaned, exfoliated and treated with astringents.

What makes this such an interesting option is that not only is the membrane so thin, that it is nearly impossible to spot, even by touch, it also will remain on your scalp for four to six weeks before maintenance is required.  Because it is permeable, you can participate in any activity, shower, swim, or workout, and yet your scalp will remain healthy.


There is a wide variety of toupees available that differ greatly in price depending on base quality, hair quality and type, longevity, and style.  Toupees require care and adhesives or belts to secure them to your scalp.

The drawback with most toupees is that some activities, like swimming, are challenging moments when it is not so easy to wear one.  It is highly recommended that you consult a professional toupee stylist in person to customize a toupee system to ensure that you attain the results you desire.

Scalp Pigmentation

This form of cosmetic camouflaging, also known as Cosmetic Hair Follicle Replication or Micro Hair Technique, is a close relative to tattooing and permanent makeup. This non-medical procedure involves very thin specially shaped needles inserting ink just under the surface of the skin to mimic the look of tiny hairs, as if you recently shaved your scalp.

Professional cosmetologists who provide this service will use colors matching your natural hair color and insert the pigmentation to correspond to you hair growth pattern.  It is a permanent, forever look.  So before you decide on this course of action, you must be committed to the style and buzz cut of your natural hair. If your balding increases, touchups may be necessary.