Where in Dallas is Armani Medical located?

Our hair restoration facilities are conveniently located in the historic Dallas uptown neighborhood of Oak Lawn, only 2 miles northwest of Downtown, and just under 30 minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Our address is 2928 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219.

What if I must travel from out of state?

Because many of our hair transplant patients travel from Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, all over Texas and much of the united states, we make it easy for you to receive care from the best hair transplant doctor in Dallas Texas. Traveling patients will receive a $500 discount to be applied to the procedure cost. Any returning patients who may need a subsequent procedure (due to extensive hair loss) will receive a discount of a $1000 off the second procedure.

If I am traveling, where can I stay or recover from surgery?

We recommend staying at one of Dallas’ best, the Warwick Melrose Hotel, which is conveniently located across the street from our center. Kayak calls the Warwick Melrose Hotel a “Top Luxury” property, offering 184 deluxe rooms and suites and a variety of upscale and casual dining options, including room service. On the day of a hair transplant procedure, you may simply walk across the street and back to your room once the procedure is over.

Who performs the consultations and procedures?

There is a reason that Dr. Abraham Armani is repeatedly recognized as one of the best hair transplant doctors in Texas, and in fact the United States. Unlike most other hair transplant clinics, there are no middlemen, “consultants” or “sales staff” between you and Dr. Armani. Your unrushed consultation will be with Dr. Armani himself. If you elect to have hair transplant surgery, at no time will Dr. Armani leave to see other patients or partake in another procedure, no matter how long the procedure. Dr. Armani is with you every step of the way, and after.

How will I know which procedure is best for me?

Dr. Armani’s only concern is to improve the lives of men experiencing male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia. That means together you and Dr. Armani will discuss what is medically possible, what your goals are, and how best to achieve the results you desire. Other factors to consider will be age, previous procedures, the number of procedures it may take to reach your ideal goal (usually only one), and of course cost.

Is there something I can do about my “hair plugs”?

Absolutely! Fear not. Hair transplant plug repair can remake those unsightly and un-natural “doll head” tufts into a natural-looking hairline to be proud of. You are not alone. Nearly one-fifth of our clients are men seeking corrective surgery to repair and improve a previous hair transplant procedure.

What type of surgical procedures does Dr. Armani perform?

Dr. Armani is a hair transplant specialist, who is not only a highly skilled in surgeon, but also an artist who sculpts. Because he has excelled both surgically and artistically, he developed his innovative, unique, and trademarked method of Artistically Redesigned Transplant Surgery® known as A.R.T.S.® Unlike other surgeons who offer only one surgical hair restoration technique, he also performs both FUT and FUE procedures using the latest technology and instruments. He was also the first hair transplant surgeon in Dallas to use PRP Injection Therapy (platelet Rich Plasma) in conjunction with surgical hair transplantation.

Do I need lab tests?

Normally not. If you would like, you could be screened for Hepatitis B and C, HIV, and CBC (blood count) which will give Dr. Armani a better idea of your general health. We can draw blood samples in our facility or we can give a requisition order to you so that you can have these tests performed at a lab of your choice.

Do you accept health insurance?

We would if we could, but presently health insurers categorize hair transplant surgery and non-surgical hair replacement therapies as cosmetic. In general, health insurers will not reimburse you. However, if your hair loss is due to an event, like an accident, you may be able to seek reimbursement from your health insurance provider. Of course we will provide you with the necessary documentation to make a claim.

What if I have concerns after the procedure?

You will have Dr. Armani’s direct cellular telephone number and his personal email address, so that you may be able to contact him directly regarding any concerns you may have immediately after your procedure. Dr. Armani’s philosophy is completely centered on you, your goals, and your well-being. In addition to his skill and artistic abilities, what also makes him one of the best hair transplant doctors in America is that he is dedicated to being directly accessible to all of his patients.

In addition to procedures, which products are sold by the clinic?

NONE! Unlike most clinics who mostly care about their financial bottom line, Dr. Armani’s clinic does not sell ineffective “lotions and potion”. If you are considering using an at home product you can simply ask about it during your consultation and get an honest assessment of its possible effectiveness. Also, since your privacy is extremely important, you will never receive annoying sales calls, emails or other harassing solicitations.

How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Doctor for you

Luscious locks come to some naturally and to others, genetics don’t dote on a head full of hair. Enhancing your look can boost your confidence and you’ll feel even better after having a hair transplant procedure done by the right doctor, but how do you choose the best hair transplant surgeon and what do you need to look for? Here are some tips to get you started on your hair restoration journey.

Consider the Doctor’s Training

The doctor’s training and background in hair transplantation will paint a picture of possible expectations. Proper training and board certification in Hair Transplantation is a must. ABHRS certified and licensed doctors like Dr. Abraham Armani, have gone through rigorous rounds of vocational and educational practice to perfect their craft.

Other important factors include where were they educated? Are they passionate about their specialty? Why did they choose to specialize in hair transplantation and is that the only procedure they perform?  Do they possess the artistic background and talent required in hair transplantation? What is the expertise and training level of the other hair transplant team members? These are all questions to consider asking your surgeon during your consultation if you don’t have the answers beforehand.

Patient Experiences, Results and Reviews

When it comes to Hair Transplantation procedures, most prospective patients are visually convinced. Before and after photos can be really telling but you have to consider the quality and the quantity of before and after photos taken at the same angle, with the same background and the same lighting. Why? A minimum of ten photos that meet these specifications ensure that no discrepancies, photo shop additions or manipulations were made to enhance the photos.

One of the best uses of the Internet is to find out other people’s experiences and results.  Any hair transplant doctor can represent themselves as the best but the true assessment comes from patients who have previously had experience with such a doctor. Can you really trust to have good results with a doctor who only has a few reviews online or even worse many bad reviews?  Some Physicians have even gone so far as to hire companies in order to have their negative reviews erased from patient review sites.  Dr. Abraham Armani MD has consecutively been one of the best reviewed hair transplant surgeons in Texas and the United States for the past decade.  He has been voted one of the 10 best cosmetic surgeons in Texas as well as having won the patients’ choice award for many years in a row.  He is among the top 1% of doctors reviewed across the United States

Media and other experts’ assessment of the hair transplant surgeon

Chances are if you visit the any hair transplant doctor’s website you will see and read self-proclamations of being one of the “best hair transplant specialist” from almost every Physician in the field.  It is very easy for any hair transplant doctor to boast about being “the best” however true assessment often comes from legitimate and honest expertise often proved by being  featured as unpaid expert source for news articles and media.  Dr. Abraham Armani has been featured as an expert hair transplant surgeon by some of the top media outlets globally including Fox news, Yahoo News, Bloomberg news, Univision, ABC News, CNBC, EL Diario, as well as many scientific articles.

Be Curious

When you arrive at your consultation armed with these questions, you should always speak to and be evaluated by the hair transplant doctor himself, and if he’s not available, reschedule, leave or consider other options. You need a proper assessment and answers from the person performing the procedure!

Asking the right questions and really listening to the doctor’s answers will provide a great deal of insight into his passion, experience and commitment to providing you the best results and the best of care. Consider asking these questions:

  • How long has the doctor and his team been performing these procedures?
  • Does his practice consist only of hair restoration?
  • What techniques does the operating team use?
  • What solutions, instruments and machines are used in the hair transplant procedure?
  • Is the surgeon himself present during the entire hair transplant procedure?

Who is actually doing your consultation and your hair transplant procedure?

You would be shocked to find out that at many clinics the patient does not see an actual doctor during entire hair transplant consultation.  Sometimes the patients will be sitting across a high school graduate wearing a white lab coat who is telling them that they need a hair transplantation and pressuring the patient into signing up for a hair transplantation without any real medical examination.  Also it is very unfortunate that many hair transplant procedures are being done entirely by the use of hair transplant technicians who are sometimes minimally trained without even the presence of a doctor.  Many doctors simply get convinced to purchase a hair transplant machine with promises of increased income with little or no training or involvement in the hair transplant procedures.


Another way to find a hair transplant doctor is by speaking to individuals who have already gone through the procedure. They’ve interacted with their doctor or sometimes, doctors, one-on-one and can give you an anecdotal breakdown of their experience from beginning to end.

Either way, your best route is to vet the doctor on your own and get a feel for your patient-doctor relationship during the consultation process. If you have any questions, contact Armani Medical today. We look forward to helping you start your hair restoration journey!