Hair Transplant Patients From New Mexico

New Mexico is deserving of its nickname, the Land of Enchantment, if only for its turquoise skies, stunning landscapes and cultural diversity. The southwestern state’s rich history, artistic heritage, and position as the crossroads of North and South America have long inspired and attracted souls like Georgia O’Keefe and Tom Ford.

New Mexico’s unique environmental conditions and arid weather have made its residents extra conscious of skin and body maintenance. Skincare in fact is a necessity, not a luxury. With New Mexico’s elevations – Santa Fe is the highest US capital at 7,000 feet – exposure to UV radiation is seven times that of a city at sea level, requiring constant protection to prevent skin cancer and other ailments. New Mexico and Arizona have historically led the nation in skin cancer rates.

The extra vigilance against premature aging has understandably kept New Mexicans on their toes. Concern for hair has also been on the periphery – the lack of humidity can suck moisture from hair while the blazing sun can fade locks.

Dallas hair transplant specialist Dr. Armani has been receiving a growing influx of New Mexico male patients with thinning hair or the beginnings of hair loss. Whether these conditions can be partly attributed to the state’s climate is anyone’s guess. What his New Mexico patients have said is that going out-of-state to consult Dr. Armani is worth it for the following reasons:

Short travel time

The flight from New Mexico to Dallas should not take more than an hour and a half, making it a relatively quick jaunt.

Stay at a Dallas landmark

Dr. Armani’s office is conveniently located next to the historic Warwick Melrose hotel which was built in 1924.

The Warwick is the perfect place to recuperate after a procedure. Patients normally walk to the clinic on the day of their operation and are escorted back by Dr. Armani’s solicitous staff.

Save money

If you’re making the commitment to travel from out-of-state to receive treatment, we’ll match that commitment and strike $500 off the cost of a transplant. So satisfied you come back for more? We want you to improve your self confidence – returning patients traveling from out-of-state will have a $1000 discount applied to their total bill.

After your transplant, we’ll provide complimentary follow ups, prescriptions and consultations. We value your time and effort, and will put our money where our mouths are.

Personal, on-call communications

Dr. Armani provides his personal cell phone number and email address to all New Mexico patients the minute they arrive in Dallas. That way any concerns or issues they may have can be addressed personally by him.

Outstanding care, counseling and treatment

Dr. Armani’s consultations take as long as needed so every patient can be assured that he has received all the information he requires. Hair loss is never an easy situation for any man, and the doctor ensures that no patient leaves the clinic without all the information needed to make a decision.

Dr. Armani is present throughout each procedure to ensure that it goes well and that the patient is relaxed and comfortable. After the operation, the doctor calls the patient to find out his condition, whether he has any further issues or concerns, and to prescribe next steps.

Are you in New Mexico, experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, and looking for expert analysis and advice? Do you believe that health is an investment and that it deserves only the best care? Contact Dr. Armani today to book a consultation and experience the world-class, VIP care and treatment that he is known for.