Is it stress or genetics to blame for gray hair or hair loss?

Can you blame your mom for your hair loss and stress for your graying hair?

Myth #1

Your mom’s genes are responsible for your hair loss
Fact: Although the inheritance from the mother’s side is stronger, typical hair loss can be inherited from the mother’s side of the family, the father’s side or both.

It is true that a primary baldness gene is on the X chromosome which men get from their mothers however, there are nearly 200 other genes that regulate hair and hair growth. Hair loss, like most issues in medicine is “multi-factorial” meaning other factors can be to blame.

Myth #2

Stress turns your hair gray
Fact: There is no scientific evidence demonstrating a direct link between “stress” and graying.

Similar to hair loss, hair graying has age and genetics to blame as its primary cause. It is possible however; for chronic conditions to elevate stress hormone levels and cause damage to the pigment producing cells and therefore facilitate early graying.